Why buy?The reasons for buying a house are as different as the people buying them. the reality is, if you have the money available and the desire to be in charge of your surroundings, it's a great time to become a homeowner. Interest rates are low, prices are as low as they have been in 5 years and the Central Illinois area is still growing. You may be thinking about buying a house because you're tired of dealing with insecure rental situations, to have an investment, or because you need a home office, or studio space for your art or music, growing family, the list goes on... Being really clear on the "Why" will make the "How" much easier. Choosing a Real Estate Broker is one of the first decisions that you will make in the process. The right Broker will expertly guide you through the entire process, answering all of your questions and making sure that you feel comfortable along the way. The top three things to look for in a Real Estate Broker are: Expertise, Professionalism and Availability. I do things just a little bit differently: I want to know how you plan to live in your new home and what your plans are for your future. What are you trying to achieve. What do you want to do at your new home that you can't do at your current location? Which neighborhoods are your friends, family, favorite restaurants, or activities in? Square footage and bedrooms are important, but they're not enough to make sure we find what we are looking for. I'll dig deeper to make sure that you don't outgrow your home within a few years. This approach sets us up to find a house that will not only meet your criteria but support your personal growth and lifestyle. Not sure if you're ready? I firmly believe that the home buying experience goes much more smoothly when you start early with complete information. ​Each week, I reserve a few appointments for people at the beginning of their process. Over coffee, I'll help you determine if you're ready to buy, build a strategy, and answer any questions you have about the process. No pressure - just rock solid information to help you decide if this is the right time for you to become a homeowner.

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Peoria, IL 61615
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