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Season's Greetings!

At Jim Maloof/Realtor, we know that there is no such thing as an off-season when it comes to Real Estate.

People are always motivated one way or another to make a move. Sure, the market heats up every Spring and Summer. However, there are some unique advantages to shopping in the Fall and Winter months you need to be aware of.

Less competition equals big value for Buyers. Because people tend to take time off during the holidays, savvy buyers will have the chance at lower prices, higher consideration of reasonable offers and overall lower premiums.

Sellers are more serious. Houses that remian on the market during the winter months are the true sign of a motivated Seller. Sometimes, though not always, they signal a property that failed to sell during the high-traffic months. Sellers tend to be open to negotiation - and ready to close!

It narrows the field fo choices. Though this might sound like a disadvantage to some, there is a phenomenon known as The Paradox of Choice that occurs when there are too many options to choose from and it makes it almost impossible to make a resonable choice - often resulting in a dis-satisfying selection. In the off-season, fewer choices might provide the focus a buyer needs to find their dream home!

Buyers become the center of attention. With fewer listing clients, and the hustle and bustle of the busy season slowing down, agents have more time to dedicate to buyers. So do their industry counterparts like lenders and title companies.

Great deals on home furnishings and electronics. What better time to remodel and outfit your new home than when holiday sales are providing slashed prices on furniture, appliances and home electronics?

The "Off-Season" is  a great time to shop and a Jim Maloof/Realtor is ready to assist you!




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