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Bright A+ Award Winner

Center for American Progress: High Achieving School/Low Expenditure per Pupil

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ISAT scores consistently in the top of all area schools

Chicago Sun Times: EHS is ranked one of the top 100 schools in Illinois

Schools on the Grow

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When you live in Elmwood, you’re a lot closer to the things that make life great. You’re closer to comfortable living. Closer to great schools. Closer to relaxing, quiet evenings. Closer to your neighbors and the community. And you’re closer to where you want to be.

When you live in Elmwood, you can enjoy quiet country living and still take advantage of modern convenience and technology. You’re just 20 minutes away from Peoria’s biggest retail and restaurant outlets – which, as they continue to expand, become closer and closer every year. And you’re only a couple of hours away from Chicago, St. Louis and Indianapolis if you want to get away for a weekend.

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